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Thread: "What is your nervous habit?"

Mitt contribution.

I crack my knuckles, and I start to count on my fingers, or spell words in my head on them, and it has end up even on five. It's such a bad habit, it ruins your head, maybe I shouldn't explain it further... But I have to or you'll think I'm really strange.

If I hear the sentence, for example, "There goes my hero" I have to put it in 5-characters intervals, putting them up on my fingers "There goesm yhero" And that one turned ut even, so then I don't have to continue, it's 15 letters.

Let's take "Death Wish" with 9 letters instead.

"Death wishd" "eathw" "ishde" "athwi" "shdea" "Thwis"  "hdeat" "hWish" And now it has gone around until the "Wish"s "H" is on my pinkyfinger.

Geez do you get any of this? If you do, don't start!!


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